1. The Genesis

From the recording Liquid Love

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The Genesis

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Enter in my heart space, I’m deep into my art phase stay grateful on my dark days

More love than hateful it was tasteful like a parfait

Our journey was a lesson even though we had to part ways

Getting in relationships, do you wanna take this trip

Entering ya space is like you giving me a place to sit

Center of ya face swear I was focused on ya brain n shit

We Both different shapes but I was thinking We could make it fit

Effortless I’m letting this, happen this is excellence

Rappin giving gems and I just hope you get the messages

Happens if you let it it opens up like a treasure chest

Hoping this is dope enough floating up like a Pegasus

Hoping that you checking this walking up to

The center it’s establishing its presence I’m guessin this is the genesis

I Been a menace but I’m coming to my senses

Early morning out in Venice get it crackin like it’s breakfast this is the beginning

This For my pupils and my sit ins

My peoples who be driven and my people who Don’t fit in

Been sippin on ya juice ya that secret Fruit Be forbidden

It’s just for me and you What would you do to Keep it hidden

I guess we didn’t and now it’s peace and good riddance

I been saying imma hit you back I keep forgetting

Shit I ripped the plug this shits a dud Man who we kiddin

We keep saying that we fell in love but we both know we didn’t

But it’s ok it’s why I cut ties like a low fade

No fake connection made a Lies homie No thanks

Won’t waste the time you can leave me by my lonely

Don’t wait up on me you’ll be fine baby go away

I won’t say that you’re the reason why I’m gettin so faded

Always in a Sigh or prolly why the kid been so jaded

Or how I’m always thinking how we coulda procreated

So I’ll just lie and say I love this shit and don’t hate

Bad advice that I was givin tho I won’t trade it

I sacrificed it so that I could say we both Made it

Cuz you a butterfly I was a cocoon

I know that you’re gunna shine smiling at the moon

Fuckin up a hundred timeslivin outta tune

Im tryna figure Why I act a ass like a baboon

And the elephant is massive in the room

So the truth I’m telling it I couldn’t mask it MF Doom look

But it’s a new book, and new chapters

The truth got overlooked so it’s a couple new factors

I couldn’t do it first but I would Love to do it after

Cuz Ya heart it struck a cord you like a Plug wit 2 adapters

That’s Double time keep runnin like double entendre’s, doubles on we Puttin’ the shuffle on

Strong bud Couple bongs we Puffin so Come along

My Girl she be tha bomb we boutta have a love a thon

Like that

It’s like, it’s like, it’s like that